About Us

The  History Outreach Programme is an initiative developed by students who have a strong desire to provide support for school age students across London from underprivileged backgrounds. 


The economic background of an individual should not dictate the opportunities available to them. It is upon this principle that the outreach programme was founded. The fundamental aim of the Programme is to instil a sense of aspiration in all the students we work with, and to make them aware of the broad horizon of opportunities available to each and every one of them. In short, the Outreach Programme has been set up to assist, to help, and to provide opportunities. 

What We Do

  • We are the first student-led initiative of its kind
  • Our mentors have helped more than 300 A-Level students
  • We have provided 160+ hours of volunteering
  • We organise library days and student visits to KCL’s campuses and libraries
  • We host IntoUniversity Buddy Days for Year 8 Students
  • Run fortnightly seminars to GCSE and A-Level students across schools in London
  • Help students learn the skills required to be successful undergraduates

With the History Outreach Programme, we try to be as adaptable to the needs of the school. Generally, our mentors, who are all King’s students, travel to their allocated school fortnightly, whereupon they teach an hour long seminar. Seminars are flexible in terms of the topics covered. For example, in schools worked with so far, they have ranged from essay writing skills to source analysis to medieval history. One of the greatest aspects of the Programme is the flexibility of our seminar topics- we adapt them to the needs of the school. A secondary aspect of the seminars involve discussions around what it’s like to study at university. 

What Others Have Said

“The mentors were brilliant at getting our students to think about their essays…and also provided information and encouragement about university life and learning.”

—Nathanael Arnott-Davies, History teacher at Oaklands School

“The King’s College London History Outreach Programme is a truly excellent student initiative: we are really proud of the energy of our students and of their willingless to break down some of the misconceptions about studying at a university such as King’s.”

—Adam Sutcliffe, Senior Lecturer in Early Modern European History, Head of History Department, King’s College London

“The work that History Outreach does is absolutely phenomenal. The mentoring that their members do has touched upon the lives of hundreds and is vital to making universities like King’s more accessible. We’re proud to support and facilitate their innovative work.”

—Sebastiaan Debrouwere, President, King’s College London Students’ Union

How to Join Us

If you’re a prospective student at King’s College London, please leave us a message on our Facebook page.

If you’re a prospective school, please get in touch with us via email: info@historyoutreach.co.uk